So Long, PS3

I was in Chennai (what a shitty place to be in) and it was really getting boring in the rented room. My friend Sachi, showed me a PS3 bluray disc of God Of War – 3 and told me that it’s for another friend. They exchange PS3 games and currently he is playing uncharted 2: Among Thieves. That evening I decided I am getting myself a PS3, went straight ahead to Sony Center and got myself a 120 GB PS3 slim and a God of War Collections disc.

PS3 Console

From that day onwards weekends were no longer boring and miserable in Chennai. I even used to carry the PS3 while I traveled back to Bangalore so that I can hook it up my 42″ LCD tv and enjoy it the way it should be. After finishing God Of War, the next game I played was Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and I was totally blown away by that game. What a beautiful game! Then GOD of War 3 and I knew I made the best decision to purchase a PS3. Years rolled by and I played tonnes of games on my PS3 until I bought Battlefield 3, it was the game which I played to the point where people started reminding me that there are other games in the market too. Almost 850+ hours of pure awesome multiplayer!

Now that Battlefield 4 is upon us, I realized that for games like Battlefield consoles don’t do justice. PC is how one should play Battlefield! With PS4 also in the horizon, it was time I upgraded myself. Will it be a new PS4 or a new PC? That was the question which I asked myself. PC seems to be the answer that came from within. With my laptop on it’s dying bed, it made sense to merge both computing and gaming in the form a brand new PC. Now I have assembled BLUE, it was time to say good bye to my PS3. Sold my PS3 to a new owner, who i bet will have many more sweeter gaming moments with it. Good Bye PS3 you will be missed :'( and thank you Sony for making it.

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