My Strugle with Airtel Continues

Seems my struggle with Airtel will only end if I stop using them. This morning woke up with 2 new issues.

Issue no 1:

They have Suspended my number!

They generated a bill on 22nd of November with an amount of 867.30 RS and my due date is 09-Jan-2013. Now my unbilled amount for current billing cycle is of Rs. 1037.10 . So they have suspended my account saying, I have crossed my “credit limit” and only after the payment of 867.30 Rs they will reactivate my number.
So here is my question
Ain’t I supposed to pay the amount 867.30 RS by 09-Jan-2013 ? How can you black mail me to pay the amount immediately when my due date is by 09-Jan-2013 ? and today’s date is 27th Dec 2012.
The unbilled amount of 1037 Rs is primarily because I have used 100 MB of my 1024 mb data plan which costs 98 RS.
(How Airtel does it’s billing is they charge 10ps/10kb and for 100 odd mb it comes to around 1000 RS. Later at end of the billing period they apply the discount and generate the bill. So the 1000 RS is an undiscounted amount! )

How can they force me to pay the due now when they themselves send me a message saying I can pay the bill by 09-Jan-2013 ? Now for no fault of mine they have suspended my number.

Issue no 2:

I am totally fed up with Airtel postpaid so I called them up and asked them the procedure to port my number to another provider. As soon as they know, I might be going they immediately said if you are having any billing issue please let us know. We can fix it. wtf ? When I called up to fix billing issue you tell me another story and now when I want to quit you tell me another ? Anyways, I told her I have already explained it and please look into records. So she said the procedure is I need to clear all my outstanding amount and then I can port my number. Fare enough ? Wait there is more!
I need to pay my previous billed amount of 867.30 (of course I should) and also I need to pay any unbilled amount. In this case 1000 Rs.. wtf? Why should I pay 1000 Rs for 100 mb when the whole 1 GB costs me 98 RS ? I have used it for only 10% of allocated plan so shouldn’t I be paying only 10 Rs for using 100 mb ? Anyways I am ready to pay the whole 98 Rs but they are asking me to pay 1000 RS ? Seriously ? Then she says, they only generate the bill at end of the month, so if I have port my number I will have to wait till January 22 2013 and when the bill generates and then pay that amount and on the same day I have to start the porting procedure. If I try the next day, I will have to go through this whole month billing crap all over again. So Government gives me an option to port my number and this is what happens when you try to do one!

They had already disabled my GPRS for 3 days and now even outgoing is blocked. So for almost 4 days I was unable to use the service for which I am paying. Seriously shady business tactics by Airtel which is cheap and unprofessional.

I am so done with Airtel.

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