My Email to Airtel Customer Care


This morning when I tried to use my 2G connection to my horror it was disconnected. Then I saw a message which says that my connection has been deactivated because I have to make a payment of 840 RS. I called up Airtel Customer care (Ref no: F1182173541). They told me Since the unbilled amount is greater they have deactivated my 2g connection and that is there process. So I have to make the payment of 840 RS to enable my 2G Connection.
So here is the thing, why am I supposed to make a payment of 840 RS to a service that costs me 98 RS ??? Can you please explain me that ? I am well with in my 1GB limit and I haven’t even crossed it.
My average monthly usage is around 350 RS. So if I make a payment of 840 RS today what about the remaining 490 RS ? They say it will be carry forwarded to next month ? Are you guys serious ? Why should I give you my 490 RS in “advance” I may or may not use your service tomorrow. Also will you guys be paying me an interest on that money ? No right ? Then Why should I make an extra payment ? This is not “FARE” and a wrong business practice.
Also how the bill generates is an internal process of Airtel. It’s not my business to know. You can’t impose internal process of your company on your customer. In all I am asking you a simple question. “How can I use my whole 1 GB of data without paying you Rs 840 every month” ?

Please accord priority to this email as I am unable to use my 2G connection because of this stupidity and “I REFUSE TO PAY YOU 840 RS FOR MY 2G CONNECTION BECAUSE THE SERVICE COSTS IS 98 RS“.


I am totally pissed with this bullshit. After speaking to the customer care executive I am more furious. He bluntly says that is their process and I have to deal with it. I mean seriously WTF ? It’s your internal process. How can you expect me to oblige to it ? I have also raised this concern on Twitter

Let’s see how it goes from here. Oh, by the great start of Dec 21. I am not sure if the world ends today or not. I expect at least this stupidity to end!

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